About La Paz Mexico

La Paz means “Peace” in Spanish, is a charming little city and the state capital of Baja California Sur, has a population over 200,000 people who enjoy one of the highest standards of living in all of Mexico

La Paz is served by an international airport (LAP) with daily flights to the USA and with more than 300 days of sunshine per year, La Paz has become known for its world-class beaches, scuba diving, sport fishing, boating and eco-tourism activities. La Paz has become also one of the best places to retire due to the buying power of the dollar and the large expatriate community in the city.

La Paz is famous for its malecon, the seaside promenade that runs for close to three miles along the bay. It’s in many ways the center of the local social scene: joggers, families, cyclists crowd the promenade during late afternoon, while cars move slowly along the neighboring boulevard, Alvaro Obregon, and diners enjoy cocktails and fresh local seafood at restaurants across the street. It’s the perfect place to watch the local sunsets, which are routinely spectacular.

Its modern history began in 1535 when Hernán Cortés arrived and named the place Santa Cruz. Although the original colony failed, Sebastian Vizcaino established the permanent settlement of La Paz in 1596. Today, the city offers all the modern conveniences you could want without giving up its 400-year-old colonial charm.

Average Sea Temperatures of La Paz - Fahrenheit

January 66ºFahrenheit
February 66ºFahrenheit
March 70ºFahrenheit
April 73ºFahrenheit
May 77ºFahrenheit
June 81ºFahrenheit
July 81ºFahrenheit
August 85ºFahrenheit
September 82ºFahrenheit
October 81ºFahrenheit
November 75ºFahrenheit
December 70ºFahrenheit

Average Sea Temperatures of La Paz - Celsius

January 19ºCelsius
February 19ºCelsius
March 21ºCelsius
April 23ºCelsius
May 25ºCelsius
June 27ºCelsius
July 28ºCelsius
August 30ºCelsius
September 28ºCelsius
October 28ºCelsius
November 24ºCelsius
December 21ºCelsius