Time: Around 2 hours

15-45 min boat ride looking for the whale sharks.

Whale Sharks are around almost all year near the El Mogote Peninsula, however and according the current legislation to protect them, we are only allowed to visit them from October 1st to April 30th. From May to September there is fewer animals in the area and less food, so the absence of boat traffic in the area will allow them  to feed better.

During the season we expect in La Paz Bay  the visit of more than 100 whale sharks.
The reason there is so many in such a small area is because there is lots of plankton, krill and other micro-organisms that move to the surface because of water temperature, which means a lot of Whale Shark food! These gentle giants are familiar with the small boats (pangas) that we use to visit them so they do not get frightened. We organise our tours in very small groups, with only 2 people in the water at the time and respecting the distance to do not disturb them. Is quite and experience tol swim along with them and enjoy to view these majestic creatures in their natural habitat.

The tour normally lasts 2 hours, maximum 3 hours depending how far away they are, and how many guests are on the boat. You will get multiple opportunities to jump and snorkel with the biggest fish in the world.

SHARED tours starts at different times and only by previous appointment. (MAXIMUM 6 GUESTS).

PRIVATE TOURS with a maximum of 10 guests for boat are also available, please contact us for more info.

PRICE:  95 USD / person , includes wetsuits, videos/pictures and  biodegradable sunscreen and a donation (bracelet)   for whale shark conservation

PRICE for passengers (non-snorkelers)  80 USD / person, includes drinks, snacks and a donation (bracelet) for whale shark conservation.

For Private Tours and groups bigger than 6 guests, please contact us, we respond in less than 12h.

All our tours include VIDEOS AND PICTURES, so you do not have to worry about it and just have fun and enjoy the activities

Please note: The activity is restricted to people with cardiac history or back/neck problems and pregnant woman. Minimum age 5 years old. You must sign a liability release prior the activity. Some experience snorkeling is higtly recommended. All our guides are experienced and bi-lingual, with first aids and water training certifications, also certified by SEMARNAT and with a federal guide license NOM-09.